NodeConf 2013 Panorama.

July 4th Weekend (3rd - 6th), Walker Creek Ranch, Marin County, California Buy Tickets


Walker Creek Ranch


Dates and Format.

Shuttle pickup and dropoff will be at Sue Bierman Park, on the corner of Clay st and Drumm st, in the Embarcadero near the Embarcadero Bart Station.

On July 3rd shuttles will leave San Francisco between 10am and 2pm. Shuttles will leave Walker Creek Ranch to return attendees to San Francisco on July 6th at 1pm.

NodeConf has a hands-on format. You are introduced to topics by mentors and participate is short workshops where you gain experience in each topic. The content will cover a broad range of topics from hardware to web applications.

In addition to the regular content NodeConf has a Significant Other's Track and a Kids Track to encourage participation of the whole family.

SO Track and Kids Track

To encourage a good experience for the whole family we have content for children and significant others throughout the day. Swimming, nature hikes, flying drones and water coloring are just a few of the things you can look forward to.


Semi-Private, Economy, RV, Camping, and near-by lodging.

All tickets sold are attached to some kind of accommodation. Semi-Private lodges have multiple rooms with between 2 and 7 beds in each room. Economy lodges have large, usually open, rooms with several bunk-beds in each room. There are also several camping areas as well as an area that has an RV hookup. Each ticket will denote the lodge, camping area, RV, or "Lodgeless" for those that would prefer to book their own nearby accommodations.

Semi-Private lodges have shower facilities in the lodge. Economy lodgers and campers can use the bath house.

Accommodation Distinctions

We have designated some lodges and camping areas for specific attendees. Quieter spaces have been allotted for families, smaller rooms for couples, etc. Certain lodges have been reserved for attendees who identify as women and would feel more comfortable in a lodge that is only women. If you are worried about the accommodations we're dedicated to doing whatever we can to make you feel comfortable, please contact if you have any questions or concerns.

If you and your significant other are both programmers buy a regular couples or family ticket and then just let us know so that we can allot the correct number of people to the SO Track.

Semi-Private Lodges

Lodge Beds Distinction Release Date
Buckeye 26 Unrestricted 1/6/2014
Seqouia 16 Couples 1/6/2014
Pine 13 Women's 1/6/2014
Cyprus 12 Unrestricted 4/10/2014
Willow 20 Unrestricted 4/10/2014
Teachers 11 TBA TBA

Camping Areas

Area Tents Distinction Release Date
Buckeye Meadow 6 Unrestricted 1/6/2014
Sequioa Meadow 6 Family 1/6/2014
Horsetail Meadow 12 Unrestricted 2/13/2014
Discovery 6 Couples 2/13/2014
Redwoods 8-10 Unrestricted 4/10/2014
Ball Field 8-10 TBA TBA

Economy Dorms

Dorm Beds Distinction Release Date
Quail 12 Family 1/6/2014
Bob Cat 23 Family 2/13/2014
Jack Rabbit 15 Couples 2/13/2014
Eucalyptus 58 Unrestricted 2/13/2014
Red Tail 18 Unrestricted 4/10/2014
Trout 15 Unrestricted 4/10/2014
Coyote 15 Unrestricted 4/10/2014
Owl 13 Unrestricted 4/10/2014
Deer 15 Unrestricted 4/10/2014
Salmon 14 Unrestricted 4/10/2014
Racoon 22 Unrestricted 4/10/2014
Condor 14 TBA TBA
Fox 20 TBA TBA
Eagle 13 TBA TBA

Other Tickets

Type Beds Distinction Release Date
Lodgeless 5 TBA TBA

Code of Conduct

We are dedicated to providing a harassment-free environment and have adopted the Conf Code of Conduct. If there is a violation of this code of conduct, please tell the nearest staff member.