June 8th and 9th

Fox Theatre, Oakland, CA

Tickets on sale now!


June 11th - 14th

Walker Creek Ranch, CA

Tickets on sale in March.

NodeConf is the longest running community driven conference for the Node community. Each year has featured the industry's leading speakers and been a launching point for everything from NodeBots to NodeSchool. This is a special year and will feature the latest in io.js, IoT, and peer-to-peer technologies.


Speakers appearing in the historic Fox Theatre will present a linear programme of content curated by Mikeal Rogers with a sound score by Ben Michel.

Kassandra Perch

Kassandra Perch

IoT wearables powered by Node Robots of varying shapes and sizes.

Mathias Buus

Mathias Buus

Peer-to-peer just-in-time distribution of all the things!

We are still selecting more talks. You can participate on GitHub.

NodeConf Nights

Each evening NodeConf will be running small casual events like live podcasts and private brewery tours in various venues in the city of Oakland.

Adventure Time

Shortly after our main event we'll be returning to Walker Creek Ranch for an intimate hands-on event. NodeConf Adventure is 3 day event for the whole family. We have a Kids Track and Significant Others track and activities all day and night for the Node community. Ticket go on sale in March.


We're looking for amazing companies willing to support this event. Sponsorship information can be found here. If you are interested in sponsoring, please drop an email to for more details.