NodeConf Adventure

The word most often used to describe Walker Creek Ranch is "magical." This will be the 8th year we've run an event there. In the earliest days of Node we did un-conferences called "NodeConf SummerCamp" which were collaborative events where Node leaders talked through the future of the project. In recent years we've used the venue to provide more "hands-on" learning and community building which helped create and grow NodeSchool.

NodeConf Adventure is the latest in our hands-on series. It is a family friendly event that invites a large portion of the Node community leadership to work together in a relaxed environment.

Sponsors wanted

If you're interested in sponsoring please email Thom Blake

Feel free to email if you have a different idea about how you'd like to sponsor NodeConf Adventure.

Sponsors must send swag at least one week prior to the event to can send swag to:

NodeConf Adventure
1308 147th Ave
San Leandro, CA 94578